The success of previous ECCO meetings demonstrates that personal contacts among the active professionals from culture collections are of great importance for exchanging best practices in this field and are not replaceable by the modern technical communication tools.

Activities related to culture collections are multifaceted. Microorganisms are in the focus of attention. Culturing of previously non-culturable microorganisms and gaining insight into microbial associations change our perception of them from a “thing-in-itself” to a “thing-for-us”. Cultivable microorganisms and microbiomes should be studied and preserved with minimal losses to provide different customers with standard high-quality biomaterials. Culture collections, having the status of Core Facilities, are expected to follow the commonly accepted and approved practices in biosafety, biosecurity and legitimate transfer of genetic resources.

The ways to achieve these goals will be discussed at the XXXVII ECCO 2018 meeting. The meeting will follow the spirit and style of the previous ECCO meetings.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Moscow!

The XXXVII ECCO Organizing Committee