13-15 сентября 2018 г., Москва

13 September 2018 (Thursday)  14 September 2018 (Friday)
08.30‒09.30 Registration and poster mounting  9.00‒11.00 Session 3. Environmental microbiology and biotechnology
I. Kurtböke The role of culture collections in biotechnological advancements (25 min.)
V. Mikhailov
Biodiversity and bioactive compounds of marine bacteria and fungi (20 min.)
L. De Vero Unimore microbial culture collection: a reservoir of acetic acid bacteria for food and non-food applications (20 min.)
M. Donova
Steroid-transforming microorganisms from All-Russian Сollection of Microorganisms (VKM): diversity, novel findings and biotechnological application (20 min.)
A. Yurkov Treasure hunt in collections and environment (20 min.)
V. Safronova Complementation of symbiotic genes in the taxonomically different co-microsymbionts of a relic legume Oxytropis popoviana (15 min.)
09.30‒09.45 Welcome addresses:
Prof. Nelson Lima, ECCO President
Dr. Ipek Kurtböke, WFCC President
09.45‒11.00 Session 1. Culture collections: towards best practices
P. Desmeth Nagoya Protocol. Time for the Scientific community to speak out (20 min.)
J. Overmann
The role of culture collections in future biodiscovery and bioeconomy (20 min.)
M. Trujillo Changes in IJSEM for the description of novel taxa (20 min.)
N. Pimenov
Microbial collections in Russia: current state and outlooks (10 min.)
11.00‒11.30 Coffee-break  11.00‒11.30  Coffee-break
11.30‒13.00 Session 2. Microbial diversity: accommodating newcomers
S. Dedysh
The phylum Acidobacteria: new findings and taxonomic rearrangements (20 min.)
О. Golyshina
Biodiversity and environmental function of new Thermoplasmata (20 min.)
D. Arahal
Prokaryotic taxonomy 3.0 (20 min.)
N. Potekhina et al. Cell wall glycopolymers in taxonomy of Actinobacteria (15 min.)
V. Shcherbakova Prokaryotes from Arctic permafrost: the way to public collections (15 min.)
11.30‒12.20 Session 3. Environmental microbiology and biotechnology (cont.)
G.C. Varese Bioremediation and ecological restoration of contaminated soils by fungal and bacterial consortia (20 min.)
I.B. Ivshina, M.S. Kuyukina and A.V. Krivoruchko From the Ural collection of alkanotrophic actinobacteria to innovative biotechnologies (15 min.)
A. Sviridov Microbial metabolism of natural and synthetic phosphonates (15 min.)
12.20-13.40 Session 4. Transboundary initiatives and IT technologies
J. Ma, Linhuan Wu A global catalogue of microbial genome-type strain sequencing project of WDCM (20 min.)
S. Casaregola
Advances on the construction of the European Research Infrastructure MIRRI (20 min.)
A. Vasilenko et al. Gathering of desirable tools, trial experiments for initial solutions in database integration tasks (15 min.)
V. Robert BioloMICS, scientific and collection data management and analysis software (25 min.)
13.00‒14.00  Lunch and poster session  13.40‒14.40  Lunch and poster session
14.00‒16.00 Session 2. Microbial diversity: accommodating newcomers (cont.)
Chuvochina M. An outlook into the key principles of a genome-based taxonomy (25 min.)
F. Salva Serra Applications of oxford nanopore sequencing at the culture collection University of Gothenburg (CCUG) (20 min.)
N. Lima Penicillia diversity from food identified polyphasically, including mycotoxin production (20 min.)
C. Santos Polyphasic evaluation of long term preservation on Aspergillus (section Nigri strains) (20 min.)
G. Verkleij et al. Large-scale generation and analysis of filamentous fungal DNA barcodes boosts coverage for Kingdom Fungi and reveals thresholds for fungal species and higher taxa delimitation (20 min.)
O. Vasilenko et al. The advantage of the usage of the long «boosted» fungal barcode that includes ITS1/2 region and D1/D3 domain of the 26S Large Subunit Ribosomal DNA (15 min.)
14.40‒14.50 Awarding of the winners of the poster session
14.50‒15.00 Closing of the conference
 15.00‒16.00 ECCO Annual General Meeting
16.00‒16.30  Poster session  16.10‒19.00 Boat trip over the river Moscow
16.30‒18.30  Welcome party 


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